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We at Search360 LLC develop & design clean modern websites for businesses & organizations in Wisconsin at an affordable price. We partner with our clients to make the website design process easy & effective.

Local SEO Services

We provide local search engine optimization (SEO) services to get your business or organization ranked & found in your local area. Local SEO can drive new clients, brand your business, & improve your online visibility.

Mobile Optimization

We create business websites that are optimized for viewing & usability on smartphones & mobile devices. We utilize fluid layouts & responsive coding so your website looks great & works on modern browsers & devices.

Social Marketing

We build and link your most important social media profiles to leverage the power of social media for your business. We help you get more new clients and interact with current clients to boost your online authority.

Chad Cornelius

Chad Cornelius

Owner / Designer / Digital Marketer

Hello, welcome to Search360. Please browse around to learn more about my company and how I can help grow your business. I have over 10 years of marketing & consulting experience working directly with small and medium businesses. I have a true passion for digital media and internet marketing. I would love to work with your business to identify and execute an intelligent marketing strategy.
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The mobile internet has changed web design, search engines, and the way we access information & live our lives.  Seemingly overnight, mobile has quite literally “changed the game” and is so important that Google launched its first mobile specific algorithm on April 21st 2015 that penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing. Don’t loose potential new clients or visibility in search engines. Contact search360 today for a free quote & affordable mobile website design services.


According to a study by Google, internet searches done with local intent are likely to result in a visit or call to a business within one day. According to their study, 50% of searches with local intent on mobile phones lead to a sale within one day. Having your business website optimized for local search is a crucial aspect of your online marketing plan.  Search360 can optimize your business website for categories & keywords that are profitable & important to your business. We include local SEO for all our website customers & also provide customized local SEO services for businesses that don’t currently have a website with us.

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Over 2 billion people have social media accounts and the time spent each day on social media has risen to 1.72 hours.  The odds are that your current and prospective customers are using social media, many of them every day. Social media is now an important aspect of any businesses online presences and offers many benefits to your bottom line.  Social media is the new word of mouth and search360 is here to set up and help you manage and leverage the most powerful word of mouth advertising in the world. We include social media marketing options for all of our clients and websites to ensure your success online.


J's Archery Pro Shop
A website redesign for a local bow shop in Antigo WI.  Modern, mobile, and professional small business web design.  Click the button below to see the sites360 website design by Search360.


Click the button below to see the sites360 business website by Search360.


Southside Tire
A website design focusing on multiple locations, mobile viewing and the user experience.  Click the button below to see the sites360 redesign by Search360.


artsEnature Online Store
A robust online store e-commerce solution website incorporating credit card processing and online shop & cart capabilities.  Click the button below to see the shop360 online store by Search360.


Cirilli Law Offices, S.C.
A website redesign that followed the previous website style & branding as close as possible but with the latest and greatest in fluid layout for mobile device viewing & Local SEO.  Click the button below to see the sites360 website development & design by Search360.


PC Confusion Solution
A new website design & development for PC Confusion Solution, LLC. Customer wanted a simple, clean & friendly design to complement their brand and easy to work with reputation. Modern, mobile & fluid layout .  Click the button below to see the sites360 design by Search360.


Reis & Reis CPAs

A new website development & rebrand project for Reis & Reis CPAs. Modern & Minimilist, mobile & fluid.  Click the button below to see the sites360 design by Search360.

Goldsworthy Chiro
A new website development & design project for a Chiropractor in Antigo, WI. The project was to create a simple and easy to navigate website with sharp and clean design & navigation.  Click the button below to see the sites360 design by Search360.


La Prima Wausau
A new website design project for catering & deli restaurant in Wausau WI.  A minimilist design with company logo and barnding at center.  Click the button below to see the sites360 design by Search360.