SD WAN makes it easier to move non critical WAN traffic from private MPLS links onto lower cost broadband Internet.

Offer is also available for personal or enterprise use of 1 GB per month, which means 1 GB of data from the Internet services you use that count towards your 1 GB GB offer. This is subject to usage during your Offer period. If you have already used this limit during your Offer period, you may want to consider adjusting your usage to ensure you meet the 1 GB per month usage requirement. If you want to know more about other internet plans, get all the information from EATEL. And if you need to setup a SD WAN, you can use resources from sites such as, just for this.

Can I get the first month free?

No. This offer will be valid for twelve months.

May I cancel my Broadband Internet Add-on?

Yes. A 1-hour cancellation window will be available on the month the Add-on is purchased. If you cancel your Broadband Internet Add-on within the 1 hour window, you will forfeit the unused portion of the offer. You may not cancel after the deadline.

What happens if I don’t use my Broadband Internet Add-on during the twelve month period?

As part of the agreement, you agree that while you are using the Broadband Internet Add-on, you are agreeing to the use of the Broadband Internet Add-on. As such, you also agree to the Broadband Internet Add-on’s continued availability until you use it up.

Will I receive any promotional codes, offers, special offers, bundles or sales?



Your Broadband Internet Add-on will not promote, endorse, display or promote any third-party website, applications, or content on or through the Service.

How can I protect my privacy and online activity on the Broadband Internet Add-on?

Some content, services or websites may have privacy policies which you must agree to before using their content. Some websites may link to other websites you may be subject to, and you may be subject to additional privacy policies. Use of any Broadband Internet Add-on without a valid privacy policy will be considered unlawful use. You should review the privacy policy of any site you use, including any links contained in it. If you do not agree with the privacy policy, you should not use the Broadband Internet Add-on. You can find privacy policies on individual websites.

In addition, please note that we may collect personally identifiable information about you in a variety of ways when you use your Broadband Internet Add-on, including, but not limited to, if you participate in certain online activities related to the Service, access a site, or use a Broadband Internet Add-on, we may access your activity in order to better understand your use of the Service. We may also use your activity, connection, data or other information to operate the Service.