Mobile Website Design

As of 2015, more internet searches are conducted and more time is spent on mobile devices than on traditional laptop & desktop computers. On April 21st 2015, Google launched its 1st mobile specific update to its algorithm that ranks & returns web pages in its search engine results pages. Dubbed “Mobilegeddon“, this trend will only get more strict as time moves forward.

It is more important than ever to ensure that your business has a mobile optimized website design.  Every Search360 website design is optimized for viewing on modern browsers & mobile devices. Called “Mobile360“, we utilize the most popular and effective mobile website design strategies today: fluid layouts & responsive design.


Through intelligent design & user interface mapping, our Mobile360 service ensures that your website is easy to read & navigate on all screen sizes & modern devices. You don’t have to worry about your Search360 website being penalized by Google.

What we do

We design & develop mobile friendly websites that look & feel the same on a smartphone or a 70 inch TV. We incorporate social media, easy navigation, and click to call buttons & email links. We employ Google’s preferred method of mobile friendliness to ensure your business website will comply with search engine standards & improve your placement in search results.


modern browser campatability

Search360 mobile designs are engineered to work with all modern browsers (including Chrome, Safari, Explorer/Edge, Firefox, & more) and smartphones (including Android, Apple, Windows, & Blackberry).  We test our designs on multiple screen sizes and devices before we launch your mobile friendly website. The internet & technology change fast. With mobile360 you don’t need to worry. Your website is built to stand the test of time and is adaptable for whatever is next (future proof).

how we do it

We use HTML5 and CSS along with specific media queries to make sure your website looks and functions great on all screen sizes. We use a world leading content management system to make sure your content is easy to update and works no matter who or where in the world it is being viewed. Changes to your website update all versions of your website in real time. No more waiting for changes to take effect.

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Mobile Technology Fact Sheet

Highlights of the Pew Internet Project’s research related to mobile technology.

As of October 2014:

64% of American adults own a smartphone.

As of January 2014:

90% of American adults own a cell phone
42% of American adults own a tablet computer

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